Samsung GVI Security to preview A1 video chip at ISC West

CARROLLTON, TEXAS – March 24, 2009 – SAMSUNG | GVI Security today announced that it will preview some of the new products that incorporate the new Samsung Electronics A1 video chip at ISC West. The new chip provides a host of new benefits for security surveillance products and systems that will be available in the near future. The forthcoming products will be on preview at the SAMSUNG | GVI Security booth 12041 in the Sands Convention Center April 1-3.  


“This is an extremely significant product enhancement, not only for what the product does but for what it represents,” emphasizes Steve Walin, CEO. “It is proof positive that Samsung is investing in its existing customers, the ones that are buying today. Just because IP is the hot subject of the day, the fact is that 85 percent of all products bought today are analog. Although our own IP line continues to grow, both Samsung Electronics and GVI will not abandon our analog users. In fact, we look forward to bringing them new technologies such as this new A1 chip generation of analog video solutions.”

With the A1 chip, GVI will be able to offer an impressive, groundbreaking standard feature set. The A1 chip takes camera resolution to 600tVL. It offers WDR (wide dynamic range) and XDR (extended dynamic range) as a standard feature. In addition, the new chip provides On Screen Display on all cameras to support easy installation. For many, the most exciting inclusion will be that the new SAMSUNG | GVI Security analog camera line will have built in analytics for intelligent video.

GVI has also announced that it will be presented a 10-year anniversary appreciation award from Samsung Electronics in the media conference room of the Sands Convention Center at 9:30 am, April 2, just prior to the opening of the second day of the ISC West Conference. Inrock Do, vice president of the VSS Business Team, Digital Media Business, Samsung Electronics will present the award to SAMSUNG | GVI Security CEO Steve Walin and COO Joe Restivo.

“It has been an honor to have Samsung Electronics as our engineering partner for the last 10 years,” affirms Walin. “Not only has Samsung Electronics worked with us on Americas-centric product development in the past but will continue to do so for the future. The new A1 video chip is sure to excite both our channel partners and their customers as the heart of forthcoming products that will provide increased ease of installation and ease of use while raising video surveillance industry standards. We’ve enjoyed the past 10 years and look forward to another 10 years and beyond.”

Among many installation highlights are –

  • 2000 cameras installed in a large Florida school district,

  • Recent announcement of a $15 million contract renewal from a major retailer,

  • 4,000 cameras at the largest bank in Central America,

  • 12 city Colombia Ministerio del Interior surveillance project,

  • Video solution for Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mass Transit System,

  • Comprehensive System for a national prison system in Latin America, and

  • A system for Estadia Banco Pichinna, the second largest soccer stadium in South America.

To show the importance of the partnership between both companies, Samsung Electronics announced that it wants its security portfolio to grow quickly. In comments at the Security World Expo 2008, held in Seoul, South Korea, last June, Park Jong-Woo, President of Digital Media at Samsung Electronics, said, "We will further enhance security business among promising solution business to nurture business with more than 1 trillion Won in three years." (1 trillion South Korea Won = US $1 billion). The plan targets a doubling of sales in the Americas. To help do so, Samsung Electronics has already provided $1 million to GVI to help accelerate the expansion of the GVI sales and marketing organization and programs.