Geutebruck showcases new video solutions

Geutebruck’s DSP-based GeViScope CCTV platforms are powerful, flexible and future-proof because software upgrades provide new and customised functions to ensure they remain state-of-the-art indefinitely. The latest software developments cut archiving costs dramatically by progressively reducing the picture rate of recorded footage as it ages (fading long term memory) and processing less-relevant (non-interest) picture areas in lower resolution and higher compression.

Fully networkable and exceptionally user-friendly, the re_porter hybrid recorder supports up to 16 video channels plus audio. With pre-configured software it is quick to install, and has lots of optional settings to support project-specific customization. DSP-based, it supports analog, network and megapixel cameras and is easily updated with software upgrades. Features include fully independent real-time live streaming and recording, high grade detection and backup facilities. For perimeter surveillance applications, the ‘sensor’ version offers event triggered recording with high picture rates per camera combined with licence activation for high end outdoor VMD and Dual-Sensor detection.

The Argus high speed pan and tilt system delivers precision and reliability in aggressive environments. With a color CCTV camera and a new thermal imaging camera, it is a formidable tool for intruder detection on large open sites, round the clock and in any weather. Immune to the effects of dazzling lights, darkness, mist or smoke, thermal imaging is ideal for spotting intruders from a considerable distance.

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