Supercircuits to host session on covert surveillance at ISC West

Austin, TX (March 24, 2009) – The many benefits of covert video, both to the dealer and to the end user, will be the topic of an educational session at ISC West this year. Offered by Supercircuits, a leading provider and manufacturer of covert solutions, the session will uncover the truth, dispel myths and provide practical how-to guidance for users and integrators.

Jake Lahmann, Vice President of Technology, Supercircuits, will present the session on April 2nd titled “Covert Video: Your Secret Weapon.” The session will outline the role of covert video as part of an overall system to maximize profitability and minimize losses as well as address the legalities of covert surveillance.

“Covert video is highly effective at removing unwanted elements from an organization or a community,” said Lahmann. “There are also laws pertaining to the use of covert surveillance, and I will review these to help guide the audience in the correct use of this tool.”

Other topics include what attendees need to know when doing a site survey, what basic components and options are available for covert video, and a look ahead to the future of covert video.

Supercircuits offers a range of covert surveillance equipment, ranging from a pinhole camera that can be obscured in a cardboard box, to a camera disguised as a rock, to the “World's Smallest Video Camera,” a third-inch square marvel that costs less than $125 and was recognized by the 2009 Guinness Book of World Records.

“Historically, security integrators have been resistant to offering covert technology – they thought it was too complicated or not profitable enough,” said Lahmann. “I plan to change their minds about that and show them why it's a must-have in their lineup.”

End-users attending the session will learn about the immense economic benefits of incorporating covert surveillance into their security systems; it's a great way to protect assets and keep them from disappearing. Augmenting traditional video systems with the strategic use of covert systems provides a tool that gives the security professional the upper hand over even those criminals who are clever enough to dodge the cameras they can see.

The session will be held on Thursday, April 2, 2009 at ISC West, from 3 to 4 p.m., and will include a Q&A session. Many of the covert products that Supercircuits offers will also be on display at the company’s booth #8125, and Jake will be there to meet with customers and discuss their specific covert security needs. Lahmann is the VP of Technology at Supercircuits, and manages research and development for both the covert and law enforcement line of products. Jake has been with Supercircuits for 12 years, following six years in federal law enforcement and two years in drug enforcement.

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