Stanley CSS and Hoyos Corporation announce exclusive partnership to deliver iris-scanning technology solutions

Stanley CSS and Hoyos to transform access control and identity management

- Hoyos iris-scanning technology product solutions provide the feature sets and cost-effectiveness to augment or replace antiquated card-based access controls systems.

"Stanley CSS aligned very well with Hoyos ' business goals and clearly understands the impact and market reach of our intellectual property.  Stanley CSS has committed to leveraging its robust global sales network to bring our technology product solutions to a broad marketplace, " Hoyos concluded.

The security and access control industry continues to evolve and advance in technology and solutions.  With this partnership, Stanley CSS and Hoyos are well-positioned to lead the industry and change the way identity management and access control needs are served.

"Customers look to Stanley CSS to provide unique, innovative and complete security solutions and technologies to solve their security and business needs.  We are excited to partner with Hoyos, a proven leader in iris-based biometric technology solutions.  We believe the Hoyos technology will be a very positive addition to our suite of security solutions," stated Tony Byerly, President Stanley CSS Direct, North America and United Kingdom. "We see the Hoyos solutions as game changers in the identity management space with great application for corporate, industrial, government and national account customers in addition to many commercial applications."

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