Siqura cameras to incorporate Pixim’s Seawolf image sensor

Gouda, the Netherlands – April 4, 2011 — Siqura B.V., manufacturer of advanced video surveillance solutions, today announced that its newest cameras will use the Seawolf image sensor from Pixim. The Seawolf imagers are renowned for their excellent image control, superior performance in extreme lighting and low-light conditions, and 690 HTVL effective resolution.

No smearing or blooming effects

Using the traditional box-style housing, the Siqura BC14 contains some of the most advanced technology available. Its Seawolf image sensor uses Pixim’s Digital Pixel System technology, which processes each pixel individually, endowing this camera with top-of-the-line wide dynamic range (WDR) capability as well as 690 HTVL effective resolution. Additionally, the Siqura BC14 does not smear, bloom, or generate color noise like older analog CCD image sensors; its images are extremely clear in both indoor and outdoor applications. This makes the Siqura BC14 ideal for applications using video analytics algorithms, such as automatic incident detection (AID). Moreover, video codecs can take advantage of the Siqura BC14’s progressive scan output for smooth motion video without the need for deinterlacing.

True color reproduction

The Siqura BC14 has been proven to perform exceptionally well in dim lighting conditions, providing true color reproduction. This makes it possible, for example, to differentiate and identify car colors at night when streetlights are the only form of illumination.
Ideal for around the clock operation

Since surveillance solutions need to be flexible when it comes to installation, the Siqura BC14 camera can be powered from AC or DC. Through an intuitive and straightforward on-screen display interface, which is easy to access remotely via RS-485 or up-the-coax systems, users can optimize the imaging controls or configure features such as privacy masks.

Quality and reliability

The Siqura BC14 is part of the Siqura product line, an extensive collection of video surveillance equipment offering complete solutions and reputed for quality and reliability. For more information, visit our website at