Brivo debuts new IP Door Controller

Bethesda, MD, March 2011 – Brivo Systems LLC, leader in Software as a Service applications for security management, today announced its new IP Door Controller (IPDC), a native Ethernet access control panel in a compact form factor. Small enough to be installed at the door, the IPDC is supported on both the Brivo ACS WebService and ACS OnSite Aparato access control solutions. The IPDC is completely designed and manufactured in the USA.

Available in single door or dual door configurations, the IPDC is an affordable, yet sophisticated, alternative to traditional control panels. The IPDC boasts such advanced features as Power Over Ethernet and FIPS 140-2 validated encryption. IPDC is a robust, flexible access control module that is field upgradeable from one to two doors.

The IPDC is easy to install, automatically configuring and routing itself on both ACS WebService and ACS OnSite Aparato. Customers with existing IP infrastructure or space limitations for traditional access panels will benefit from placing the IPDC at the edge of the network near the access door. This configuration uses standard network cabling to the door and minimizes the requirements for more expensive multi-conductor cables. With the IPDC, customers have the flexibility to start with one door on the IPDC and field-upgrade it to manage two separate doors. Brivo’s ACS WebService Software as a Service offering is a greener option than traditional access control solutions, and the IPDC contributes to this with its efficiency. The IPDC continues Brivo’s leadership in energy efficient and green solutions through its low-power consumption and space saving design.

With advanced authentication and encryption via X.509 Digital Certificates and 128-bit SSL, customers can be confident that it is secure. For government agencies, an advanced FIPS mode enables FIPS 140-2 validated encryption. This makes the IPDC an excellent choice for federal customers looking to leverage the cloud for physical access control.

"The IPDC is the start of the next generation of simple and cost-effective access control devices from Brivo," said John Szczygiel, Executive Vice President of Brivo Systems. "It meets the needs of our customers who want to drop an IP access control point anywhere in world and have it operating in minutes with complete security and without time spent configuring firewalls."

Brivo’s IP Door Controller will be previewed at ISC West in booth #6086 and will be generally available in August 2011

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