EMX Industries launches BlueGuard solution

Cleveland, OH – November 3, 2009 – EMX Industries Inc., a manufacturer of sensors for automation and gate/door control, introduces the BlueGuard, Bluetooth Access Control Device, used for access control applications. Keypads, card readers and RFID proximity readers are used as part of a system, to control access to premises and protected areas. BlueGuard works in similar fashion utilizing the Bluetooth function of any cell phone.

Your Cell Phone is Your Key

You don’t need to carry additional keys such as fobs or cards. Your Bluetooth enabled phone already has all you need to operate the BlueGuard. Just punch the 4 to 6 digit access code on your phone keypad and you are in.

BlueGuard is Universal

BlueGuard works with maglocks, electric strikes, gate operators, garage doors, parking barriers, automated lighting and any other device that accepts relay contact or solid state input. The possibilities are endless and the user capacity unlimited. Anybody that has the correct access code can activate the BlueGuard.

BlueGuard is Protected

BlueGuard detection range is up to 30feet and therefore can be installed well within the protected perimeter. Being inaccessible and invisible from the outside protects BlueGuard from being vandalized or tampered with.


BlueGuard is housed in an antenna-like indoor/outdoor package and can be integrated into any access control or security system. Working on low voltage AC/DC power provides for supply flexibility. Administrator can easily change the access code as needed.

For More Information

Other products in the EMX Access Control product line include: infrared transmitters and detectors, loop detectors, proximity sensors, driveway detectors, timers, and radio controls. To request a datasheet on the BlueGuard or any of the EMX Access Control products, call EMX at 800-426-9912; send an email to salessupport@emxinc.com, or visit the EMX website at www.emxinc.com.