Southwest Microwave debuts newest-generation INTREPID sensors

TEMPE, AZ - Southwest Microwave has announced the introduction of their newest-generation INTREPID intelligent perimeter detection sensors, offering systems integrators and end-users an integrated, multi-technology solution to address diverse outdoor perimeter security needs. The system, which provides fence, buried cable and digital microwave protection alternatives, couples performance enhancements to field-proven technologies with the simplicity of single-platform networking.

“In protecting a facility’s perimeter, there are two distinct challenges. Selecting the appropriate sensor technology to address site requirements, and finding cost-effective, compatible solutions when site characteristics or security level dictate the introduction of multiple sensors,” explained Bob Kirkaldie, Director of Sales for Southwest Microwave’s Security Systems Division.

“We provide solutions for both challenges with our new INTREPID single-platform technologies, which protect each portion of the perimeter with an optimal sensor for that location.”
INTREPID MicroPoint II fence detection sensor and MicroTrack II buried cable sensor offer unique detection capabilities to protect even the highest security sites - including precise target location to 3m (10 ft), software-based zone assignment with tie-in to CCTV presets and discrimination between legitimate attacks and harmless disturbances, eliminating nuisance alarms.
The all-weather, K-band INTREPID MicroWave 330 digital microwave link, with a 244 m (800 ft) detection range, six field-selectable modulation channels and microwave path monitoring, protects open areas, gates, entryways, rooftops and walls. For unparalleled configuration and operating convenience, the sensors employ a common communications protocol, universal set-up software and system controllers, integrated I/O modules and a broad (10.5-60 VDC) input voltage range.

“The INTREPID system allows the deployment of any combination of fence, buried cable or digital microwave solutions on one network platform,” said Kirkaldie. “With these synergistic sensor technologies, high-performance perimeter protection meets true systems convergence.”

INTREPID sensors are seamlessly networked via standard RS422 serial data interface. Network architecture guarantees alarm delivery time and can be structured in a variety of configurations to best address network size and alarm delivery requirements.
A third-party SDK is available to integrate new-generation INTREPID sensors into custom control applications. Four additional system control options offer scalable security management solutions for virtually any site parameters. Set up of the system is simplified with a universal installation/service tool which features auto-discovery, guided navigation, and forward propagation for single step, multi-sensor zone configuration.

“Our goal was to offer our customers seamless, flexible solutions for their complete perimeter detection and security management needs without the high cost or complication traditionally associated with integrating multiple technologies,” stated Kirkaldie. “We are fulfilling a distinct need in the marketplace with our new-generation INTREPID system.”

Southwest Microwave has been a trusted global supplier of perimeter detection technologies since 1971. For more information, visit