Infinova announces new medium-load integrated PTZ System

Monmouth Junction, NJ, Oct. 10, 2009 -- Infinova announces its new V1493 Medium-Load Integrated PTZ system designed for outdoor video surveillance on intelligent transport systems (ITS). The system is designed to operate in winds up to 130 mph and features a 15" housing for 1/2" high resolution camera plus 1/2" motorized zoom lens, giving operators a better view and long range surveillance.

Other features include a compass display, privacy masking and 16 programmable zones. The V1493 has 360o unlimited continuous PAN with a PAN speed up to 50 o/s and a tilt range of +40o to -90o with a tilt speed is up to 30o/s. Both the PAN and tilt speed are faster (PAN 10o/s, tilt 5o/s) than other similar systems available on the market. This enables operators to move the camera quickly, an important advantage when operators need to view incidents in multiple locations.

The housing is IP66 rated which means it is dust tight, no ingress of dust and complete protection against contact with dust and it is protected against water ingress, even if a powerful water jet is directed against the enclosure from any direction, for example water from a fire hose. The housing is also equipped with a wiper, heater, and defroster for extreme conditions.

"In an emergency situation the V1493 system' s flexibility and rapid maneuverability allow operators to point the cameras in any direction, this can be essential in capturing the early stages of a highway incident," said Mark S. Wilson, VP Marketing, Infinova.