Infinova solutions used to protect public at large sports complexes

Hybrid solutions give security operators the best of analog and IP

Overview of System Design

Each Sports Center is a long distance from the Central Control Room, so the designers selected Infinova Fiber Optic Transceivers to connect all the Matrix Switchers together. An additional advantage is that fiber optics provides excellent protection against lightening because electrical interference from a lightning strike does not affect fiber optic cables. This leads to increased operational reliability for the surveillance system. Plus from a financial point of view, using a single fiber for multiple cameras resulted in a significant reduction of installation cost over traditional coax cable.

Given the diverse size and location of the complex, the system had to be flexible, highly reliable and provide excellent quality video. To achieve this, solution designers opted for straight analog video from Infinova' s ruggedized PTZ Dome cameras directly viewed and controlled through Matrix Switchers. Using direct control guaranteed the video quality required and as well as the best real-time PTZ control of the cameras. Security operators have precise PTZ control with no noticeable delay between the time they move their joystick and the time the camera responds.

A Best-in-Class Solution using Infinova' s Hybrid technology

The combination of analog video, fiber and Ethernet as a hybrid solution allowed the best technology to be combined to create a best-in-class solution for the sports complex. Fiber provides crystal clear video while the distributed robustness of Ethernet allows for problem free control. Even though they chose an analog solution, because the Infinova Matrix Switchers and Keyboards are hybrid technology, being IP enabled through their Ethernet ports, they did not have to give up the advantages of IP technology.