Panasonic releases new amplifier/receiver system for classrooms

Secaucus, NJ (November 1, 2010) – Panasonic has added a new Amplifier/Receiver to its portfolio of A+ brand classroom audio system products. The new WX-LAK12 Amplifier/Receiver is designed for use with only one microphone and has expanded the accessibility of the company’s sound enhancement systems to a wider range of K-12 classroom settings.

Like all Panasonic’s classroom audio systems, the new model works together with the WX-LT350 infrared wireless pendant microphone. The microphone is designed with a unique "panic button" security feature that allows the teacher to alert administration in case of an incident and turns the classroom document camera into a video surveillance camera.

"Every student has a right to the best possible learning environment, including being safe and secure at school," said Bill Taylor, President, Panasonic System Networks Company of America. "Now the enhanced learning environment with added security provided by Panasonic’s A+ classroom audio system is accessible to schools with limited budgets."

The single-channel WX-LAK12 is designed with a 20W amplifier, two line inputs and four speaker connections as well as volume control for the microphone, line input volume controls, feedback blocker on/off and power on/off. For added installation convenience, the WX-LAK12 comes complete with a 360° dome ceiling sensor.

Audio systems in the classroom have proven to be one of the most successful learning aids available and Panasonic offers a full range of classroom audio solutions. In addition to the new WX-LAK12, Panasonic also offers a two-channel system in 20, 50 and 100 watt sizes for use with up to four microphones, and a three/four-channel system for use with up to four microphones. An all-in-one portable sound system incorporating a two-channel receiver, sensor, amplifier and speaker is also available. Optional system components include hand-held and pendant wireless microphones, battery chargers, infrared sensors, sensor couplers and ceiling speakers.

For more information, contact Panasonic by calling toll free 1-877-266-7215 or visiting