FST21 announces technology integration with HID Global

FST21 Ltd., a leading provider of intelligent controlled access and automation solutions and services, today announced it has partnered with HID Global to enable organizations to add HID’s RFID readers to access points around buildings, complementing the combination of face recognition, voice recognition, pattern of behavior license plate recognition and visitor management system that FST21 offers.

HID Global’s RFID solutions can be placed at additional access points beyond the main entrance, which will provide a completely integrated and economic solution. Additionally, card holders can now be enrolled using the FST21 system.

The FST21 SafeRise system is an easy, automated, and convenient identity management access for both authorized persons and visitors that uses a fusion of second generation biometrics to provide the highest level of security to organizations. The system is unique in that it uses no key, no card and no code. Instead, the face and voice of authorized personnel works like a key.

"Integration with HID Global is an important phase in bringing our technology into more buildings," said Avi Lupo, president, FST21 America. "Not only is HID a key player, but this alliance is central in our strategy to develop the government, commercial and multifamily markets for SafeRise."

For security measures, a person can only hold one active card and will be allowed entry through all doors with their RFID card. Because the system is integrated, this means that in a multiple person scenario where more than one person is detected and one of the people is authorized, he will be asked to authorize the other person through the system’s ability to communicate by voice.

"This partnership leverages FST21’s industry-leading fusion of biometric technologies with HID Global’s widely deployed RFID technology for access control systems, extending the value proposition for all buildings and providing organizations a complete solution," said Brenton Scott, Executive Director of Business Development, Networked Access Solutions with HID Global.