Geutebruck launches new hybrid recorder

Geutebruck’s re_porter hybrid recorder for small and medium-sized projects is now also available with licence activation for high end outdoor VMD and Dual-Sensor detection. The new re_porter_sensor range of DSP-based recorders with up to 19 video channels and an audio channel are specially configured for perimeter surveillance applications and ideally suited for event triggered recording with high picture rates per camera.

The Dual-Sensor is an exceptionally reliable detection system in which Geutebruck’s virtual video motion detector and its video analysis package both monitor the same video signal. This arrangement combines their different technological strengths, eliminates weaknesses and halves unwanted alarms. Dual-Sensor recognises objects by size, speed, direction of movement and status, and reports when selected target types exhibit particular behaviours. Previously only available for GeViScope platforms, Dual-Sensor is proven to outperform rivals, deliver genuinely useful information and get very, very close to eliminating all unwanted alarms.

Like other re_porters these recorders support dual channel streaming, digital matrix functionality, and come with high grade activity detection and flexible backup functions. Thanks to the DSP-based design, easy software upgrades can maintain the state-of-the-art functionality indefinitely. Visit for more details.