Port of Los Angeles implements solution from NICE Systems

Situator software platform enhances port's situational awareness, safety and security

NICE Situator is a situation management software platform that enables automatic situation planning, response and analysis in real time, as well as thorough post incident reviews and investigations. NICE Situator integrates to a wide array of sensors and security systems, analyzing and correlating information to help organizations connect the dots and improve situational awareness, incident response and decision-making. NICE Situator's generic gateways and open architecture make it possible to integrate to virtually any existing or future security device, system, or data source. Organizations that deploy NICE Situator are not constrained to specific types or brands of security solutions but rather can chose the solutions that best satisfy their security needs. With NICE Situator, organizations can fuse many different types of security devices and systems into a unified platform, including: access control, video systems, perimeter intrusion sensors, location tracking (RFID, GPS), panic buttons, environmental sensors, communication devices, and much more. Through this integration, NICE Situator is able to present a Common Operating Picture (COP), with real-time alerts and information from all integrated systems displayed on an intuitive multi-Iayered Geographical Information System (GIS)-based interface, enabling security operators to continuously monitor and interact with systems, people and assets for a higher level of situational awareness. NICE Situator also provides a framework for automating complex response workflows and standard operating procedures (SOPs).