Iomega partners with Axis Communications

Company's StorCenter products integrated with the AXIS Video Hosting System

In video storage terms, users monitoring even a busy scene can expect approximately 40 days worth of storage for four cameras recording to 4TBs of usable capacity at typical default settings (640x480, 30% compression, and full frame rate). To maximize storage functionality, integrators can work with end-users to set event-based recording triggers that will stream higher quality, HDTV or megapixel video to the device on motion or audio detection, for example.

In the second half of 2011, Iomega will integrate the AVHS client into its rackmount network storage products, including the four-drive Iomega StorCenter ix4-200r, with up to 8TB of networked storage capacity; and the 12-drive Iomega StorCenter ix12-300r, with up to 24TB of networked storage capacity.

An Integrator’s Take on New Iomega-Axis Hosted Video Surveillance Solution
"Iomega’s unique StorCenter devices are proof that end-users are the ultimate beneficiary when the physical security industry works closely with innovations driven from the IT and consumer worlds," said Phil Atteberry, director of Managed Security Solutions, Siemens Industry, Inc. "Those customers operating limited surveillance assets are no longer confined to using analog technology because of cost. They now have the option to reap all the benefits of IP surveillance at an attractive price."

The combination of Iomega StorCenter storage devices and Axis network cameras allows customers to select different recording and retention policies for both on-site and off-site video files, and also allows remote access from any web browser. The solution enables businesses to leverage the power and cost effectiveness of cloud services, or select a proprietary onsite system with the StorCenter unit acting as the NAS. Hosted video customers will pay for only the storage they need, allowing them to grow their infrastructure without requiring additional capital investment. Deployment times will also be greatly reduced due to limited infrastructure requirements.

Iomega StorCenter Network Storage Capabilities

The Iomega StorCenter network storage units utilize the acclaimed EMC LifeLine software, a fully-developed Linux operating environment and suite of applications that is designed for cross-platform support with Windows, Mac® and Linux computers. The LifeLine operating system presents a simple-to-use graphical interface that makes it easy to perform valuable business tasks while remaining confident that data is securely stored, protected, and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Available in 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 12TB capacities, the StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition and the StorCenter ix4-200d Cloud Edition desktop NAS devices utilize a simple four-step setup process that has the units operational in a matter of minutes. Starting at less than $250.00, Iomega StorCenter desktop NAS units provide robust data management and protection for the serious business user, as well as the latest in multimedia serving and remote access features that make it a breeze to access data, whether in the office or anywhere else in the world (with an Internet connection).
Among the many business features of the StorCenter ix2-200 and the

StorCenter ix4-200d Cloud Editions:

- Iomega’s new Personal Cloud technology, which allows users to remotely access and share encrypted files with up to 250 co-workers and friends without any of the monthly or annual fees associated with traditional cloud services.
- Device-to-device replication for business continuity and file recovery
- iSCSI block-level access for efficient storage utilization
- RAID 1 configuration for StorCenter ix2-200, and multiple RAID configurations for StorCenter ix4-200d for optimized data protection
- Remote access and management
- Windows Active Directory support
- A front panel QuikTransfer button for easy copying of selected files
-User replaceable hard drives
-Multiple IP security camera support
-iSCSI block-level access with the StorCenter ix4-200d for efficient storage utilization
-And for the forward-thinking small business, VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer certification for virtualization installations.

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