AFI to showcase fiber transmission solutions at ISC West

Las Vegas, NV (April 6, 2011) – American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI) is demonstrating the performance value and versatility of its fiber transmission solutions for network-based physical security applications here at ISC West. Included in the exhibit are state of the art IP and hybrid video fiber solutions (bridging solutions between analog and IP) with features like 10-bit digital video transmission capability, bi-directional communications, multi-channel capacity for video with data, Ethernet and audio on one fiber with remote monitoring capabilities.

"Today’s market is driven as much by evolving technology as it is by demand, and AFI has consistently stayed ahead of these curves," said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI. "Our comprehensive suite of fiber transmission solutions, as well as our V’nes Video Network Enterprise Solutions, provide the network transmission performance, reliability and speed necessary for new IP and hybrid environments."

The latest in the line of 10 bit digital video products are one, two and four channel video systems with various sub-channels.

The 91PE Series provides one simultaneous video channel with 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet on a single fiber. A built-in Ethernet switch provides two RJ45 local network connections and an internal port to the other side of the link. The 92P338 Series of products can provide two 10 bit digital video channels with up to three sub carrier channels of multi-protocol configurable data and 24 bit digital audio or relay contact alarms. The 94P599SL Series provides two and four channels of 10 bit digital video respectively. These models can be configured with two sub carrier channels which can be 24 bit digital audio, multi-protocol configurable data, dual RS232 channels, or dual relay contact closure channels.

Fiber optic technology offers the most efficient means of transmitting video in the digital environment because fiber optic cable offers extremely high bandwidth capability over long distances. Additionally, evolving technologies continue to increase the amount of data that can be transmitted by a single fiber. As the premier supplier of network solutions for security and video surveillance applications, AFI’s position as a leading solutions provider is built on their dedication of resources to meet the industry’s changing needs.

For more information, visit AFI’s new website at, call 877-234-7200, e-mail