Samsung Techwin America

Samsung unveils Total Security Management solution at ISC West

Las Vegas, NV (April 6, 2011) – Samsung Techwin America, a global supplier of video surveillance and security products combining superior performance and value, is displaying a dynamic new video surveillance system designed for use in metropolitan areas, sea ports and other enterprise level environments. The Total Security Management (TSM) solution on display integrates a number of innovative analytical, recording, review and display technologies developed by Samsung. The TSM is currently deployed in a large city surveillance project on the African continent where it is winning praise from government officials for its power and overall user-friendliness.

TSM – A Comprehensive System Solution

The TSM solution is comprised of Samsung’s award winning IP cameras, network video recorders and a new video wall display developed for large command and control centers. The system boasts a number of specific application sub-servers that process video information. Advanced analytics applications such as Automatic Numeric Plate Recognition allow for license plates and other numerically identified markings to be recognized and evaluated against a database. The Vehicle Detection System or “VDS” can recognize traffic on roadways, provide vehicle counting, and can be programmed to recognize certain vehicles by sizes which are then compared against a database for analysis. Intelligent Video Surveillance employs new and existing Samsung technologies to offer intelligent data provided from Samsung IP cameras.

Samsung’s TSM also incorporates the company’s Access Control System (ACS) for integration of 3rd party access control systems. The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a visual map based display feature of the TSM that allows a 3D rendering or map to be placed onto the video display wall where cameras and other assets can be easily identified and called up to view. This provides incredible situational awareness across the entire surveillance system to help operators quickly assess situations and take swift and appropriate action based on compelling cognitive recognition facilitated by the GIS.

TSM and the Systems Integrator

Anticipating the need for third party integration to TSM applications, Samsung is developing an SDK and API for use by third parties. Samsung will provide engineering support to potential partners to help bring integration to fruition.

Frank DeFina, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Samsung Techwin America noted, "This is a comprehensive world-class system that solves the longstanding integration and control issues prevalent in large system deployments. Our TSM system provides an end-to-end solution that employs the latest technologies from Samsung, along with the ability to integrate best in breed technologies from around the world."

Samsung is demonstrating the TSM solution at ISC West using live video feeds from a specially built diorama designed to provide traffic patterns and a number of related events that clearly demonstrate the system’s capabilities.

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