Samsung expands its access control product line

Company’s new controllers, readers to be on display at ISC West 2011

Las Vegas, NV (April 6, 2011) – Samsung Techwin America, a global supplier of video surveillance and security products combining superior performance and value, is displaying a host of new additions to the company's line of access control products here at ISC West 2011. The new additions include several stand-alone controllers and Wiegand-output readers. The new devices employ various combinations of 125 KHz proximity or 13.56 MHz contactless smart card credentialing, keypad access based on personal identification numbers (PINs), and/or fingerprint biometrics. Additional introductions include vandal-resistant products designed for locations or applications subject to vandalism or tampering and waterproof (IP68 rated) products designed for challenging environments.

"Samsung’s access control solutions have received an enthusiastic response from system designers and integrators since their introduction last year," said Frank DeFina, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Samsung Techwin America. "These new additions to our access control line reflect Samsung’s reputation for performance and added value. They are the perfect complement to our continually expanding line of video surveillance solutions."

New Samsung Controllers

New controllers on display at ISC West include the SSA-S2000 Stand-Alone Single Door Controller with 125 KHz proximity and PIN access. The SSA-S2000V provides the same feature set in a vandal-resistant version. All I/Os and operation time are programmable by keypad. The unit features five independent inputs and four outputs including two that are 2 form-C relay outputs.
The new SSA-S1000 Weatherproof (IP68 rated) Stand-Alone Single Door Controller offers 125 KHz proximity access control along with direct control of a door lock selectable for power fail-safe or power fail-secure operation. The unit accommodates 512 users. The SSA-S1000V offers the same feature set in a vandal-resistant version.

Designed for up to 20,000 users, the SSA-S2100 Stand-Alone Single Door Controller combines 125KHz proximity card and PIN verification. The unit provides dual function access control and time and attendance operations. The SSA-S2101 employs 13.56 MHz contactless smart card operation and is selectable to 10,000/20,000 ID users and 20,000/10,000 event buffers. Four levels of door open times can be set by individual ID, and time schedules can be set by individual ID, input port, output port and reader mode. Network communication is provided via RS-232, RS-485 or built-in TCP/IP. Other features include four inputs, four outputs (2 relay output), and 26bit/34bit Wiegand input/output.

Adding biometric functionality, the SSA-S3010 Stand-Alone Single-Door Controller incorporates fingerprint recognition for up to 1,000 users along with a 125 KHz proximity card reader and PIN verification. The unit also provides time and attendance in addition to access control functionality. The SSA-S3020 Stand-Alone Single-Door Controller accommodates recognition of up to 2,000 fingerprint users, and the SSA-S3040 incorporates up to 4,000 fingerprint users. The controllers provide 1:1 verification and 1:N (one-to-many) identification against storable two-fingerprint templates; a display shows fingerprint quality. The controllers are also selectable for 10,000/20,000 ID users and 20,000/10,000 event buffers and have other features similar to Model SSA-S2100.

New Access Control Readers

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