Flir announces new, low-priced thermal security cameras

Portland, OR – April 6, 2011 – FLIR Systems has announced a new low price for select models of its industry-leading thermal security cameras. Now offering network-ready thermal cameras for as little as $2,995, security dealers and integrators anticipate that more people than ever before will find new and exciting applications for these powerful tools.

Still useful for traditional markets like securing nuclear, petrochemical, and critical infrastructure facilities, the applications for these affordable cameras are only limited by the imagination of the dealers and integrators who deploy them. From roof-top security to hospitals, gated communities to horse farms, more people than ever will be able to make use of the thermal advantage.

These high-quality cameras are optimized for use with video analytics, fit easily into analog networks, and are easy to use. Unlike thermal cameras and technologies available from other manufacturers, all of FLIR’s thermal security cameras are guaranteed to be 100% sun safe: they can look directly at the sun for extended periods without damage or degraded performance.

With a nearly 50-year history of infrared innovation, and having fielded more infrared cameras into more applications than all other manufacturers combined, only FLIR has the command of all of the integral technologies, making them the industry leader in providing high-performance thermal imagers and groundbreaking affordable prices.