Schlage debuts AD-Series wireless portable reader

CARMEL, IN – April 21, 2011 – Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a leading global provider of security and safety solutions and manufacturer of Schlage contactless smart credentials and readers, announced today that its new WPR400 Wireless Portable Reader provides a handy cache mode option for offline applications ranging from attendance, event admission, checkpoints, signal testing, mustering, perimeter expansion, and more. It is fully compatible with Schlage AD-Series and PIM400’s.

"The WPR400 Wireless Portable Reader lets users extend the reach of their access control systems," explains Karen Keating, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Portfolio Marketing Manager, Schlage Electronic Locking. "For instance, for a field trip, a school could use the reader to check in students for each bus. Industry could use the reader to verify who has left the plant during a fire or other emergency. There are a myriad of applications."

The reader is also field-configurable to work as a Wireless Portable Signal Tester, making installation of wireless access control systems easier and faster. LED indicators communicate valid (green) and invalid (red) credential status. It communicates to the access control systems via the Schlage PIM400 (Panel Interface Module), the same as used within the Schlage AD-Series wireless access control system. Its rechargeable battery and charger are included.

The Schlage WPR400 Wireless Portable Reader is available now.