Quantum Secure launches SAFE analytics

San Jose, Calif., Sept. 21, 2009 – Quantum Secure, Inc. ( www.quantumsecure.com ), the exclusive provider of enterprise software to manage and streamline security identities, compliance and events across disparate physical security systems, today launched a new module for the SAFE software suite, providing security practitioners with unprecedented visibility across their security operations. 

Quantum Secure's SAFE Analytics solution is a Web-based solution that provides strategic and tactical level graphical dashboard view of the overall state of their global physical security infrastructure.  By monitoring, identifying and analyzing alarm and badge usage data generated from various operational systems, security practitioners can more effectively plan their security operations, understand the root causes of false alarms and measure building occupancy statistics to lower both costs and risks.

“SAFE Analytics allows security organizations to identify security vulnerabilities and threats and implement best practices at the lowest possible cost,” said Ajay Jain, president and CEO of Quantum Secure.   “In doing so, this new module helps ensure compliance and identify the needs associated with protecting key corporate assets.” 

In most corporations today, the physical security operations represents a daunting landscape, incorporating multiple campuses across a global landscape, filled with hundreds – if not thousands – of endpoints including door readers, restricted area access points, alarms and related security personnel.  In order to effectively monitor and manage the multitude of data from these endpoints, security practitioners need the ability to analyze key data from these endpoints to determine trends, weaknesses and opportunities across their entire security operations.

SAFE Analytics turns physical security data into business intelligence that helps both physical security as well non-security departments such as real-estate, information security, IT and HR. SAFE Analytics puts a summary view of data into a simple dashboard, illustrating in a “stock ticker tape” both building usage and alarm trends.

With SAFE Analytics, operational data is retrieved, aggregated and stored on a daily basis.  This data is then processed and incorporated into Web-ready reports that contain information for higher-level analysis and “drill-down” capabilities.  With detailed information by site, by door and by device, the SAFE Analytics solution can be used to manage security events and alarms more effectively to proactively stay in compliance.

Security departments are already using SAFE Analytics to plan their next year's guarding needs, rationalize and reduce false alarms and collaborate with other departments such as real estate to correlate badge usage with energy usage; with the HR department to help them recognize building occupancy rates and optimize workspace areas and initiate hotel-ing strategies; and with IT departments to schedule IT maintenance and help-desk hours to complement when most office personnel are physically in the buildings.

Additionally, the SAFE Analytics solution measures alarm response times, allowing security practitioners to analyze alarm and access point data, providing insight into trends and behavioral changes – and the ability to automatically notify local security personnel regarding the means to remedy a potential situation.

Vik Ghai, CTO and vice president of products at Quantum Secure, added: “SAFE Analytics represents a strategic next step forward in the SAFE software suite.  With SAFE Analytics, we are providing one portal to security and non-security departments that allows them to collaborate and make necessary business decisions – illustrating true convergence of the security department with rest of the business. This is helping security departments provide metrics as a way for them to speak the business language and show security's impact on the overall business.”

The SAFE Analytics module is currently available for deployment; please contact your Quantum Secure sales representative or email info@quantumsecure.com for more information.

About Quantum Secure, Inc.

Quantum Secure's SAFE suite of software products effectively addresses the challenges associated with operating multiple proprietary physical security infrastructure systems in modern-day global corporations, airports and government agencies. SAFE provides a single, fully interoperable and integrated physical security policy platform to manage and streamline security identities, compliance, events and operations across multiple disparate physical security systems. Quantum Secure's customers range from large international airports, highly secure government agencies, and Fortune 500 global corporations, including Adobe Systems, Baxter International, Juniper Networks, Symantec Corporation and the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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