DITEK forms partnership with Diebold

LARGO, Florida, Sept. 18, 2009 – DITEK Corporation, a top designer and manufacturer of leading-edge surge protection devices, has entered into an agreement with Diebold to provide its customers with advanced surge protection equipment to help safeguard security surveillance, access control, fire, intrusion, and enterprise product offerings.

“We are extremely pleased that Diebold has chosen DITEK as a provider for surge protection solutions and will integrate DITEK’s technology as a value-added service for its customers in the financial, retail, commercial, and government markets,” said Joanne McIntyre, president of DITEK Corporation. “Diebold’s focus, expertise, and presence in the security integration market along with DITEK’s best-of-breed solutions in the surge protection industry present a tremendous opportunity for both companies.”

Power surges or spikes can destroy equipment, cause frequent replacement or annoying glitches and cause downtime of equipment which can result in costly expenses and the loss of valuable data for customers.

The experts at DITEK have developed surge protection products that help mitigate these risks by safeguarding electronic equipment against harmful voltage spikes and surges that often result from power quality problems including inductive load switching or nearby lightning activity.

“DITEK was selected because of its ability to provide high-quality surge protection products,” said Tim Dewell, director, product management and planning, Security Division, Diebold. “By including DITEK as a part of our proactive and integrated security philosophy, we can help our customers protect their systems from the harmful impact that power surges can have on equipment and their business. And, with DITEK’s brand reputation, our customers can rest assured that they are protected by the most technologically-advanced and reliable security solutions in the market,” said Dewell.