RASILIENT Systems debuts PixelStor IP-SAN video storage system at ASIS 2009

Anaheim, Calif. – Sept. 21, 2009 – RASILIENT Systems, Inc., a technology leader of video surveillance storage platforms, will debut PixelStor at ASIS 2009. PixelStor is a ground-breaking, high performance and highly scalable IP-SAN video storage system purpose-built to support medium-to-large scale deployments and megapixel video surveillance applications.

Physical security and surveillance is one of the nation’s fastest growing markets in the past decade due in part to the exponential rise in crime, the escalating threat of terrorism, traffic management, infrastructure surveillance, and government instituted security mandates. As a result, video surveillance technologies are quickly evolving to meet the performance demands required in industries ranging from transportation, government and finance to education, gaming and retail. Key to this evolution are several market and technology requirements driven by the desire to capture more information (e.g., more cameras), to see clearer images (e.g., higher resolution megapixel camera), to automatically analyze large amounts of data (e.g., analytics technologies), to serve larger geographic areas (e.g., IP networks), and to manage data more effectively (e.g., retain data longer with video management).

“Unlike general purpose storage that is designed for high volume sequential read data IT applications; RASILIENT PixelStor technology is tuned and optimized with its advanced caching technologies for write focused, highly random recording of large blocks of video streams. These technologies provide up to 20x performance improvement over general purpose storage products. RASILIENT PixelStor is specifically designed to meet the best-in-class performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability milestones required in medium-to-large scale and megapixel video surveillance applications,” said Sean Chang, President and CEO of RASILIENT Systems. Additionally, RASILIENT PixelStor is designed to easily scale to accommodate the recording of tens to thousands of large file size video streams, ever increasing retention periods and higher resolution cameras while significantly lowering the cost per video stream.

RASILIENT PixelStor also features several patent pending technologies purposely designed to address the performance challenges inherent in cost-effectively scaling storage systems for medium-to-large and megapixel video surveillance deployments. Highlights of the technologies include:

FlowThrough - RASILIENT’s FlowThrough technology removes all address locking latency due to multiple accesses to the cache regardless read or write, eliminating latency completely. This eliminates resource competition in storage due to multiple stream access, significantly improving write performance.
VAN - RASILIENT’s VAN technology captures per-camera stream large data block patterns as well as small block metadata under mixed traffic conditions and realigns the data removing its randomness which provides significantly faster storage.

The combination of VAN and FlowThrough advanced PixelStor caching technologies achieve unmatched video surveillance storage performance.

BusyPlot - RASILIENT’s BusyPlot delivers industry first the Video Surveillance Storage “load indexes”. BusyPlot quickly and easily identify when the NVR/DVR is over loaded with too many cameras. This gives the user peace of mind that video is not being lost.

The RASILIENT PixelStor PS3000 using the latest Intel multi-core processors with single or dual active-active controllers, is a completely modular tool-less design, ROHS and SBB 2.0 compliant 2U, 12 bay IP-SAN storage appliance supporting RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10. The PS3000 is designed to accommodate a wide range of video surveillance applications, and can sustain transfer rates up to 500 MB/s (significantly faster than standard IT storage products) and is scalable from 9 to 168 TB using fast and affordable 12 Gb/s SAS expansion. Enterprise-class advanced features include easy system management with SMART diagnostics for effortless installation, management and administration; full 64-bit OS, cooling and power redundancy; fully hot swap capability; virtual connectivity; 72 hour battery-backed cache protection; auto/global drive sparing; bad sector reconstruction; sophisticated mirrored and path failover capabilities that provide best-in-class system fault tolerance.

The RASILIENT PixelStor line also includes the PS100e tool-less design, ROHS and SBB compliant 2U, 12 bay SAS storage expansion chassis. The PS100e features dual SAS expansion modules; redundant power supplies; up to 12 SATA II or SAS drives; two external x4 SAS wide ports per controller; one management port per controller; and modular cable-less design that affords completely removable and serviceable components.

“The evolving video surveillance market is an industry that requires constant innovation and development in storage technologies, and our RASILIENT PixelStor and its new technologies FlowThrough, VAN and Busy plot provides a low cost-effective, high performance and scalable storage consolidation alternative for medium-to-large scale and megapixel DVR/NVR deployments, significantly lowering the total-cost-of-ownership and bringing about a quick return-on-investment,” added Chang. “We will continue to drive customer-centric innovation while further establishing our technological leadership in developing and enabling high performance, massively scalable and feature rich storage solutions to better serve our video surveillance customers.”

ASIS 2009 will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., from Sept. 21st – 23rd. RASILIENT Systems will be located at Booth Number 2147. Representatives from RASILIENT Systems will be available during show hours to answer any questions. For more information about storage solutions from RASILIENT Systems, visit www.rasilient.com or call (408) 731-3580.