Marshall Electronics unveils new low light lens

El Segundo, CA – August 28, 2009, Marshall Industrial Video & Security Division (Booth #3819) will showcase the 140mm F1.0 at ASIS, a groundbreaking ultra low-light camera lens that provides excellent imaging in near zero ambient light conditions. The F1.0 aperture lens offers affordable and high quality video applications for commercial and industrial security, law enforcement, military, and all industries where monitoring in low-light situations is necessary.

Compact, rugged, with a wide field of view, the F1.0 is particularly effective in high-risk and inaccessible areas. When used with a 0.01 to 0.003 lux CS-mount camera, precision optics allow maximum light throughput to reach the camera, resulting in an image that is crisp, focused and bright even in the most unfavorable low-light conditions.

The fast and flexible F1.0 aperture allows in twice as much light as standard lenses, making poor quality, barely visible surveillance a thing of the past. The F1.0 will perform just as effectively in bright daylight sun and in areas where lighting conditions may change drastically. A long focal length (140mm) makes the F1.0 the perfect choice for use with any high performance CS-mount camera and an indispensable, cost-saving tool for law enforcement, military, and safety/security professionals everywhere. For more information, visit

The 140mm F1.0 ultra low light lens has a list price of $3,999.95.

For more information, contact Mary Ann Giorgio, Marketing Communications Specialist Marshall Electronics, (Visit us at ASIS, Sept 21 – 23, 2009, Anaheim, CA Booth #3819.)