Raleigh Police Department deploys access control solution from Brivo

Bethesda, MD, October 12, 2010 – Brivo Systems LLC, the leader in Web applications for access control and security systems, today announced that the Raleigh (NC) Police Department (RPD) continues to expand the deployment of its Brivo ACS WebService at a growing number of police substations and other locations. ASG Security is the integrator on this ongoing project.

Prior to installing Brivo, the RPD utilized key pads at the entrances to some of its stations. Officers and staff gained access by entering a code, however if a non-authorized person learned the code, building security was compromised. Raleigh Police wanted to more effectively control access at all their buildings, but they wanted a system that provided both central and on-site administration. In addition to such tiered administration, the initial system design also called for a combination of both existing keypads and new card readers.

Gregory Curtis, ASG Security, met with RPD security and IT staff to demonstrate Brivo ACS WebService and another top-line access control system—RPD came away very impressed with what the Brivo system had to offer.

With the recent system expansion, a single Brivo system now manages access for more than 900 sworn and civilian members of the RPD as well as subcontractors and other personnel, covering approximately 60 access doors at 14 locations, including its new Administration and North District building. System administrators have created approximately 15 different personnel groups to manage access at each location and to provide access across some or all locations for appropriate personnel.

RPD has been steadily rolling out Brivo ACS for over seven years—a strong vote of confidence in Brivo’s technology for such an important function at these high-security installations. As Curtis explained, "The Raleigh Police Department is pleased with its flexible, scalable access control management, but another major, on-going advantage is that the department doesn’t have to invest in server capacity or software in order to get up and running at each new site—all of that is managed by Brivo." "In addition," Curtis continued, "all of its daily transactions are kept off site in Brivo’s geographically-dispersed data centers, which provides the department with both redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities. These are two very important issues for the RPD in effectively managing its access control system."

"ASG Security and Brivo have had a long-standing relationship with the Raleigh Police Department in assisting with its security needs, and we are always looking for ways to help them effectively control the cost of installation at new sites, especially in this difficult economy," Curtis concluded.

Steve Van Till, Brivo President and CEO, summed up Brivo’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) advantage, "Our end users often start with one building or just a few doors. Then, over time, because of our ease of use, minimal up-front hardware expense, and the simplicity of scaling, an end user like the Raleigh Police will expand as needs increase and budget allows. With Brivo, you have the flexibility to manage one door or thousands of doors spread over multiple buildings and many miles. These days, more and more businesses are seeing the many advantages of managing their access control in the 'cloud'."

For more information on the Brivo Online Access Control System, contact Brivo toll–free at 1-866-692-7486, option 1 or email sales@brivo.com. To view a demo, visit www.brivo.com/demo