Brinno debuts PeepHole Viewer

Palm City, FL – The impact of a home invasion extends well beyond just the violence of the crime and the loss of personal possessions to a long-term loss of the victim’s sense of safety in their home. To significantly reduce the risk in the first place, it is increasingly important that you know exactly who is at your door before you open it and without them knowing that you're peeping out. However, a traditional peephole can often be difficult to see through or positioned too high for a child or someone with physical limitations to access. It's time to replace and revolutionize the peephole with the new digital PeepHole Viewer by Brinno.

The digital PeepHole Viewer from Brinno Inc. replaces any traditional peephole with a vivid digital image to provide added security and privacy from unwanted visitors. Running off of two AA batteries, the Brinno PeepHole Viewer uses a 2.5-inch LCD Panel to display a panoramic digital view from behind your door transforming the typically hard-to-see peephole into a large, bright digital image. Think of it as a HDPV - Hi-Definition PeepHole Viewer for your door. And, because the guest’s image is displayed digitally, privacy is guaranteed so solicitors or unwanted guests won't be able to tell if you’re behind the door or not.

The Brinno PeepHole Viewer is easy for any homeowner, condo owner, renter or hotel guest to install and operate and the large LCD screen makes it convenient for children, the elderly or anyone with a visual or physical impairment to safely view their visitor before opening the door. Installed in as little as five minutes, the Brinno PeepHole Viewer utilizes one button, located just below the LCD display, for easy operation. Pressing the button once activates the PeepHole Viewer, in “Regular” mode displaying a panoramic view of the outside. A second button press while the Viewer is in “Regular” mode shifts everything over to “Zoom” mode for a close-up and more detailed look at the guest. Pressing the button in rapid succession will simply toggle back and forth between the two modes. After 10 seconds, the PeepHole Viewer will automatically “go to sleep” for battery conservation.

The Brinno PeepHole Viewer also provides added privacy against reverse peephole viewers that have become popular on the Internet among voyeurs and thieves that might be trying to see inside a home or hotel room. Even though a reverse peephole viewer can un-distort the convex image of a traditional peephole's lens, the Brinno PeepHole Viewer’s technology actually blocks the perpetrator from being able to see past the unit and into the room.

Available at FRY’s Electronics and other reputable retailers nationwide, the Brinno PeepHole Viewer retails for $129.00 MSRP and comes with everything needed for installation in standard home, apartment, condo, and hotel room doors (35-57mm thick) including 2 AA batteries, the installation kit, a new peephole, and a locking key.

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