EasyLobby announces integration with INEX/ZAMIR Automatic License Plate Technologies

Needham, MA. – March 30, 2011 – EasyLobby, the industry leader in secure visitor management solutions and INEX/ZAMIR Technologies, a worldwide supplier of Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) equipment, have completed an integration of their products to allow users the ability to identify, monitor and manage vehicles as well as visitors at any facility.

Organizations using this technology can automatically capture license plate information with an INEX license plate camera and seamlessly link the data to the EasyLobby visitor management database. Users will be able to check in visitors and identify the visitor by either the visitor badge or the license plate.

The integration also provides for automatic visitor check out. When they leave the facility and the license plate number is captured, it is forwarded to EasyLobby, matched, and the visitor is checked out without having to stop at the guard gate.

"This integration benefits our customers by adding another level of flexibility in managing guests at a facility," said Howard Marson, CEO of EasyLobby. "A number of our customers check in guests who are still in their vehicle – for instance at a gate or guard shack – and this application lets them identify both the people entering and leaving the facility and the vehicles entering and leaving the facility."

Jim Kennedy, President of INEX Technologies said, "We continually strive to expand the functionality of license plate technology. This integration with EasyLobby visitor management offers a great opportunity to add a whole new category of capabilities to our product line through management of both guests and vehicles."

Pricing and Availability

The EasyLobby/INEX visitor management and license plate reader is available immediately from both INEX and EasyLobby. EasyLobby’s visitor management solutions also include employee pre-registration software, peripherals, including passport/license/business in addition to license plate scanners, badge printers, signature pads, barcode scanner, fingerprint readers, card readers and more. Pricing for a system varies depending on configuration. Contact EasyLobby for a quote.