Avigilon announces new version of Control Center

Las Vegas, NV (ISC West) – April 6, 2011 – Avigilon, the performance and value leader in high definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance systems, today announced the introduction of Avigilon Control Center 4.8 Network Video Management Software (NVMS,) the company’s latest version of its award-winning HD surveillance software with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM.) Available in both enterprise and standard editions, Avigilon Control Center 4.8 delivers enhanced performance, manageability, and interoperability of HD surveillance systems and will be commercially available in June 2011.

"Committed to delivering the most effective and open HD surveillance solutions available, Avigilon is continually enhancing its product offerings to ensure that the best evidence is always preserved," said Alexander Fernandes, president and CEO at Avigilon. "Designed from the ground up to intelligently and cost effectively manage HD video, Avigilon Control Center 4.8 software delivers a powerful and intuitive interface that helps security professionals efficiently capture, evaluate, and respond to events quickly and easily for greater investigative success."

New Features of Avigilon Control Center 4.8 NVMS

A feature-rich offering that is positioned for the most security-centric applications, Avigilon Control Center 4.8 offers the following new features and benefits:

Audio output

The new audio output functionality allows security professionals to connect a speaker to an Avigilon camera and capture audio to transmit and play on the camera’s speaker for effective two-way audio communication between camera and control room. By facilitating communication between the control room and security personnel in the field, the audio output feature further improves security and reduces incident response time.

Point of Sale (POS) Transaction Display

With new features to dynamically display and search for specific POS transaction data, the Avigilon Control Center 4.8 HD POS Transaction Engine enables retailers to easily access live and recorded POS transactions alongside video evidence for improved system management, event validation, and reduced investigation times.

Image Rotation

Security professionals can leverage the new image rotation features within Avigilon Control Center 4.8 to program 90,180, and 270 degree rotation of Avigilon cameras for greater coverage. This feature is particularly useful in capturing long scenes when a widescreen HD camera is mounted vertically in a hallway, leveraging the wide aspect ratio to capture the length of the hallway in high definition.

Custom Procedures on Alarm

Using Avigilon Control Center 4.8, security professionals can set up custom email or display messages about any event, rule, or alarm for enhanced onsite security. Users can also easily develop and store procedures with detailed instructions on how to deal with incidents at specific locations.

Gateway Web Service

Avigilon Control Center 4.8 offers a gateway web service that leverages HDSM to provide an interface to mobile applications like Avigilon Control Center Mobile from an unlimited number of servers and cameras. ACC Mobile extends access to video surveillance data to a wide variety of platforms such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, enabling remote monitoring from any location and the efficient field deployment of guards.

Expanded Device Integration

Avigilon Control Center 4.8 Enterprise and Standard Editions are ONVIF compliant NVMS platforms that now deliver support for IQInvision network cameras. In addition, ACC 4.8 provides support for Moxa ISA boards for serial communication applications, which are networked devices with multiple input and output relays used to wire other systems into the Avigilon HD Surveillance System to enable integration with access control systems, intruder detection, and gate and door sensors.