BRS Labs sees 'exponential growth' in 2010, first quarter of 2011

Company has expanded its sales in a variety of markets

HOUSTON, Texas - (April 18, 2011) -- BRS Labs, the world's leader in Behavioral Analytics video surveillance software announces exponential growth in 2010 and the first quarter of 2011. BRS Labs expanded its sales in defense, homeland security, intelligence, critical infrastructure, petrochemical, transit, global banking and other sectors. To support this growth, BRS Labs has expanded its sales force to include sales executives and engineers from the intelligence community, US special operations, corporate security, systems integrators, defense contractors, video analytics, video management and PSIM companies.

While the Video Analytic market underwent consolidation, company closures, and legal wrangling, BRS Labs' AISight software, the only product on the market that uses "reason-based" analytics as opposed to "rules-based" analytics, experienced record growth in sales, customers, and camera utilization. In 2009, the company's contract base was $10 million. By the end of 2010 the company was engaged in over $200 million in sales which is expected to be implemented at customer sites over the next 18 months. The first quarter of 2011 showed a 500% revenue increase over the same quarter last year. "We chose not to rush to market with a substandard product. Instead, we recognized the shortcomings and failings of the industry's products and developed a technology that addressed those issues. Our commitment and focus on innovation is now being rewarded by the market as reflected in our explosive growth," says Ray Davis, BRS Labs Founder, Chairman, and CEO.

Creating the technology to connect video cameras to an Artificial Neural Network, which emulates the functions of a human brain, is the key to AISight's success in the market and the "reason-based" approach. The system needs no definition of rules or activities to alert on. AISight is specifically designed toautonomously serve as the eyes and brain for critical security environments and is able to attach to existing video surveillance infrastructure to watch, learn, and identify unusual or suspicious behavioral patterns 24/7 in real time. This advanced video surveillance technology has beendeployed globally across critical infrastructure facilities, intelligence agency applications, urban areas, seaports, financial institutions and other installations.

According to Steve Hunt, industry analyst and author of, "Video Analytics technology has struggled over the past decade with products that require expensive and time consuming installations, high ongoing maintenance costs, and unacceptably high false alarm rates and overall poor operational performance. In short, traditional video analytics technology has not proven viable and the market, as all markets do, requires innovation. The market craves an operationally effective solution and innovation is the key to satisfy market demands. As I have said since 2008, the learning approach taken by BRS Labs is ushering in video analytics 2.0. The broader market is now coming to this same realization."

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