TransTech Systems unveils private labeling of identification badge printer bundles and supply kits

Seattle, WA. – April 19, 2011, Visualant, a pioneer provider of industry-leading color based identification and diagnostic solutions, an emerging leader in security and authentication systems technology and distributor of a wide variety of security solutions through its wholly-owned subsidiary, TransTech Systems, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of private label badge printer bundles and supply kits in their product line.

The new printer bundles include a badge printer and the necessary supplies to instantly print plastic cards in an all-in-one solution. Dealer-customized labels, packaging graphics, and box inserts are included with the bundles to enhance both post-sale service and simplify the reordering process for the end-user. As more shipments go direct to the end users for cost saving reasons, the identity of the local reseller is being lost. Customization of the packaging for the reseller creates a personalized and end user direct shippable solution. Direct shipping eliminates additional freight and handling costs, thus increasing dealers’ overall margins. At the same time, the customized packaging maintains the reseller identity with the end user and preserves the recurring revenue for the reseller.

New printer supply kits include necessary printer ribbons, PVC cards, and cleaning components to print approximately 500 cards, varying by printer model. The kits are available for the industry’s most popular models of badge printers including HID, Ultra Electronics, and Evolis. Dealer-customized packaging graphics and box inserts are also available, adding further value to the easy-to-order kits.