Mitsubishi Digital Electronics and AVI-SPL's Control Room Group partner to provide integrated security solution

The goal of the partnership is to provide a line of category leading DVRs and AVI-SPL broadens its scope of technology expertise to include security systems integration

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA (September 21, 2009)— In a move to address the continuing technology and commercial convergence of low voltage disciplines - specifically the overlap of security systems integration and commercial audio, video, IT and IP integration - Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America (MDEA) is partnering with AVI-SPL's Control Room Group (CRG), a leading Mission Critical Facility systems design and integration firm. The goal is to provide a line of category-leading Digital Video Recorders (DVR) as AVI-SPL broadens its scope of technology expertise to include security systems integration. The joint initiative will provide Mitsubishi with a dynamic, market-proven sales engine and enable AVI-SPL's Control Room Group to equip its customers with premium-quality, highly reliable DVRs backed by a highly comprehensive sales and support program.

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics will join the Control Room Group at the ASIS conference in Anaheim, CA September 21-23, 2009. They will provide demonstrations at booth #401. eptember 21-24. They will provide demonstrations at booth #401.

“This partnership is built on a mutual desire to grow our presence in the security market by providing end users with greater security and greater value,” Jeff Kiuchi, security market product specialist, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, said today. “Mitsubishi's line of digital video recorders not only comes with comprehensive reliability and support, but we also go head-to-head on price. This fact underscores our ambition to provide real value to end users and to grow our business in North America. AVI-SPL has demonstrated a shared commitment to value and an ambition to grow, which is why I believe we'll make excellent partners. I look forward to launching this initiative at ASIS and to working with AVI-SPL'S Control Room Group in the months and years ahead.”

Mitsubishi already successfully partners with AVI-SPL's Control Room Group to market and support Mitsubishi's Data Wall product group. Today's agreement will see the extension of that sales and support relationship to Mitsubishi's DVR product family that includes the enterprise-class DX-TL5000U line, the mid-market DX-TL4700U family and the value-driven, DX-TL4U, DX-TL8U and DX-TL16U Series.

Commenting on the agreement, Michael Spiessbach, AVI-SPL sales engineer, noted, “Mitsubishi's line of DVRs is well organized and well positioned to succeed because they provide great features at competitive prices and also come with completely rounded support programs.”

Both the DX-TL5000U and DX-TL4700U Series come with an industry-leading, five-year limited warranty. With breakthrough features such as 16-video inputs and speeds of 960 pictures per second live (PPS) and 240 PPS recorded, the DX-TL5000U is designed for state-of-the art performance and the highest levels of reliability for an enterprise class security application. Offering high-speed live and recorded images, the DX-TL5000U provides the flexibility to expand recording depending on the requirements of the security operation. The DX-TL4700U Series includes the 16-channel DX-TL4716U and the 9-channel DX-TL4709U. Both units feature CD/DVD drive, motion detection and JPEG 2000 compression, and are ideally suited for 24/7 digital video surveillance in a wide array of applications where quality video performance and reliability are required. The DX-TL4U, DX-TL8U and DX-TL16U Series comprise the “Security Made Easy” Series of 4, 8 and 16 video input digital video recorders, offering performance features at a price-point that is affordable.

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