Continental Access introduces Dynamic Maps for CardAccess 3000

Continental’s all-in-one, user-friendly CardAccess 3000 software grants complete management of your security equipment in and around the workplace. You can view video surveillance, manage authorizations, monitor electronic data and more from the convenience of your CardAccess workstation. New enhancements like our easy to use Dynamic Maps add expanded interactivity & integration allowing you to view and control all of your security peripherals from one screen.

The new CardAccess 3000 Dynamic Maps feature provide users with a choice of viewing their system from the Event Grids or the map view. From the map view, you can see high priority alerts as text and acknowledge those alerts as you would from CardAccess 3000’s grid controls. Our Dynamic Maps makes it easier for users to monitor their doors status, system relays, readers and input status from a single display. It also integrates with all CardAccess 3000 supported DVRs so you can view live or recorded video at a moment’s notice.

Additional right-click functions are available on all devices from the map view for operations including manual control of doors and relay devices. You can set-up Dynamic Maps to display high priority system alerts and the associated video in a window beside the displayed map. With a click of the mouse, CardAccess 3000’s built-in Dynamic Map editing functions can modify the placement of devices within the map graphics. If you want to make your buildings as secure as it can possibly be, implement CardAccess 3000’s Dynamic Maps feature today. Call 631-842-9400 or visit to learn how you can protect your establishments with Continental’s access control offerings.