Secura Key's SK-NET-MLD software offers Managed Access Control

CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA - Secura Key announces its SK-NET-MLD Version 4.0 Software, which can provides a source of recurring monthly revenue for Security Dealers because it allows them to offer Managed Access Control to their customers.

SK-NET-MLD Access Control Software is powerful, easy-to-use, and has just the right feature set for Small Businesses, Office Buildings, Gated Communities, and Multi-Tenant Residential units who need access control, but don’t have the time, skills or manpower to manage their own card access system.

Managed Access Control is a program where the Dealer installs access control panels and readers at the customer site, and installs the access control software at the Dealer location, charging the customer a monthly fee for managing the access control system (the same basic concept as central station alarm monitoring).

Services offered by the Dealer include managing the PC hardware and SK-NET access control software, backing up customer data and transactions, and making routine changes to the customer's database such as adding, changing or deleting cardholder records. The dealer can also offer additional services, such as remotely unlocking a gate or door, providing monthly activity reports, or sending the customer email notifications of specific events.

Monthly fees can be based of the number of doors, number of cardholders and number of database changes per month.

Secura Key’s SK-NET-MLD software allows the Security Dealer to install access control systems at multiple customer locations, which the Dealer can manage from his office using either dial-up modems or the Internet. The software is used in conjunction with Secura Key’s SK-ACP 2-door control panels, SK-LAN-MOD network modules, and Secura Key cards and readers, including the Radio Key proximity line and the e*Tag Contactless Smart Card line.