NaviGate releases v5.0 of incident report and management system

A new interface and enhanced modules will allow users to be proactive within their organization.

Emergency Management
The existing Emergency Management module within NaviGate has also been retooled; the updated Resource Manager, with an improved check-in/check-out process, allows a facility to keep track of critical equipment. Users can now see a list of checked out items along with an estimated check-in date, as well as the ability to see the full address listing of the available resource. The Emergency Call list has also been updated to make management of the list easier and provides full contact information on the list without any clicking. The Live Camera and Video links section has been combined into one page for ease in finding media, and the sortable headings on the photos page makes for easier management and sorting. Approved users can now also delete photos directly from the photos page. Updates to the Virtual Binder have also been made to include a faster load-time, page indexing for faster references and allows users to specify what documents are included.

These updates, in addition to the existing modules, such as Learning Management, will allow NaviGate by Lauren Innovations to further provide actionable data that can be used to enhance security, safety, compliance and efficiency in an easy-to-use, Web-based format for daily and emergency response situations. No expected downtime or server outage is expected as a part of the release. NaviGate by Lauren Innovations has been gaining momentum as the must-have product for any organization needing to collect, manage, and apply their unique essential information through integrated document, incident, and learning management functions. Through controlled, role- and permission–based access, NaviGate optimizes daily operations and emergency response, with secure, instant access to information at any time, from anywhere.

NaviGate by Lauren Innovations began as a resource to provide vital information to first responders, including floor plans, response plans, call lists, videos, photos and locations of hazardous materials, among other important documentation. While emergency management is still an important component of the system’s functionality, it is now fully integrated to also include incident management, document management and learning management systems.

About NaviGate by Lauren Innovations
NaviGate by Lauren Innovations is a highly secure, web–based system that can be used by any organization to collect, manage, and apply their unique essential information through integrated document, incident, and learning management functions. Based on its proven effectiveness, NaviGate has received SAFETY Act designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and has been given a highly effective rating by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) Laboratory.