3DX-RAY debuts FlatScan-15

Loughborough, UK – 19th April 2011 - 3DX-RAY, the x-ray inspection specialist, has today launched the latest generation of its innovative FlatScan technology, FlatScan-15, in the UK at Counter Terror Expo, 19th - 20th April 2011, Olympia, London (Stand I76, www.counterterrorexpo.com).

The new FlatScan-15 is a smaller version of 3DX-RAY’s leading FlatScan-TPXi system – a lightweight and portable x-ray scanning system for security applications. Both systems were designed with a slim profile to meet the needs of first responders and EOD teams, but while the TPXi has a large imaging area to enable rapid scanning of large items, the FlatScan-15 has a detector screen with a much smaller profile in order to address awkward or confined scanning scenarios.

High quality image output is perhaps the most important requirement for any security scanning system, and 3DX-RAY has integrated its optimum quality imaging technology into the portable FlatScan-15, whilst keeping the system affordable. Vincent Deery, Sales Director at 3DX-RAY, commented: "For us to be able to offer our very high standard image quality at a mainstream price-point is a huge achievement, and we expect it to have a significant impact on the industry."

The FlatScan systems, with narrow x-ray panels, have been designed specifically for scanning suspect packages in situ. Portability and flexibility are becoming increasingly important requirements for security operatives. The battery-powered FlatScan-15 is lightweight, and at 434 x 243mm it can fit easily into a backpack, and is suitable for a range of scenarios, from EOD and IED in confined spaces, to scanning small compartments within vehicles.

"The FlatScan-15 system is a major addition to our product range. We are constantly working with our customers to turn their feedback into improvements and new solutions. We recognised that, whilst the TPXi is a very popular product, there are many security scenarios where there is a need for alternate specifications. FlatScan-15 takes all of the excellent features of the TPXi, but makes it more suitable for different applications. The two products complement each other perfectly," said Deery.