Sentry 360 releases Software Development Kit

Sentry 360 Security, Inc. publicly releases its open architecture Software Development Kit (SDK) to the IP Video security industry. For years 360-degree immersive video has had its ups and downs, technologies have come and gone but Sentry 360 believes it has put a stamp on the future for this breed of high resolution wide angle technology.

360-degree panoramic video solves the problem of blind-spots and poor resolution by reducing camera counts and delivering complete situational awareness.

Two forms of Sentry 360's SDK have been developed; a high-level and low-level API. The high-level API is designed to work exclusively with Sentry 360 devices. By combining the best megapixel sensor technology with optimized wide angle fisheye lenses, Sentry 360 has created application driven appliances designed to meet specific applications for indoor, outdoor, covert, extreme temperature, low-light and mobile surveillance. The high-level API allows for easy integration into 3rd party software products and is provided in the following forms: C library/C++ class library for Microsoft Windows or Linux Operating Systems, ActiveX control (Windows including Visual Basic), and .NET assembly. We have already formed partnerships with some of the industry's leading Network Video Recording Software companies such as JDS Digital Security whom has completed the integration and is exhibing 360-degree technology on their SoftSite32 Enterprise Series at this years ISC West conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, booth 17135.

The low-level API has been designed to give the maximum possible flexibility and performance for video management system developers. It provides means for direct input of image data, setting dewarping and image parameters and direct output for processed image data. The API can be used with any raw image data, regardless of resolution, pixel format or color space. Third-party system integrators can use panoramic technology with a single camera license on their favorite NVR or DVR solution. Simply put, this is a software plug-in that is 100% Camera Neutral, Lens Neutral, Software language Neutral and Operating System Neutral.

In today's world of convergence in the video surveillance market and the craving for standards in network cameras, Sentry 360 has laid the path for open architecture 360-degree panoramic display of high resolution images with full retrospective PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom). This is a cost effective "Green Technology" that delivers no-blind spots and no moving parts with a single camera.

Sentry 360 will be exhibiting this SDK and its FullSight series of application driven 360-degree megapixel cameras at the International Security Converence in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 1-3 at booth 17148.