Sentry 360 launches new megapixel camera for ISC West

A high-resolution, hemispherical view of your world. No blind spots. Crisp images. Digital clarity.
FullSight mini or FS-IP1000 is the worlds smallest rugged 360-degree immersive camera designed for mobile applications such as buses, trains, police vehicles and emergency responders. This camera is also used in smaller room applications such as counting rooms, interrogation rooms, hallways, and lobbies.

The FullSight IP is a ceiling- or wall-mounted digital video camera that uses a fisheye lens to provide complete situational awareness. Our immersive imaging technology lets you see, record and playback an entire 360° field-of-view.

Not only is the FullSight Mini ultra compact and ready for a wide range of applications but it is delivered at a ground breaking price that brings total cost of ownership down dramatically.

The FullSight IP camera integrates with a wide range of available products for video analytics, digital video recording as well as archival and storage needs. Include the FullSight IP camera as part of your video surveillance solution.

Rugged Reliability

The durable enclosure has the strength of 10-gauge steel and can withstand 120-lbs of force, making the FullSight IP camera virtually vandal-proof. The FullSight IP camera is sealed for all-weather outdoor use and can withstand temperatures of -40°C. No moving parts means FullSight IP provides long-term performance and reliability.

Digital PTZ

Our patented technology enables you to digitally pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) either the live feed or recorded archives. The 360° image gives you an exceptional level of situational awareness with 7x digital zoom capability. This ensures that activity is recorded anywhere in the scene at all times.

Low-Light Performance

Even in low light, our multi-megapixel sensors operate at full video frame rates to deliver crisp images. Easy-to-use controls adjust image light and color settings to enhance the image quality, ensuring that you are capturing the necessary detail regardless of available lighting.

Secure Viewing, Remote Monitoring

The FullSight IP is desinged to be used alone or securely managed over a network by multiple authorized users via a standard web connection. The integrated server means that there is no PC required for transmitting images over networks or the internet.