Paxton Access launches Net2 plus

Net2 plus is the dynamic new addition to the Paxton Access Net2 family; a single door access control unit with advanced functionality. Net2 plus represents Paxton Access’ dedication to developing forward thinking access control products that exceed their customers’ expectations.

Net2 plus has an on-board RJ45 socket so it can be connected to a TCP/IP network in the same way as any other IP device. This reduces equipment costs and installation time for projects where there is an existing computer network.

The Net2 plus control unit can also be used as a TCP/IP to RS485 converter. Net2 plus plugs straight into the network and a dedicated cable can be run to an additional daisy chain of Net2 classic control units.This makes it ideal for extending Net2 if wiring proves difficult or it is not possible to get a network point exactly where you want it.

As the specifications of the control unit are developed, existing sites will be able to take advantage of its increased functionality, future proofing your investment.

Net2 plus is the perfect control unit for installations where requirements may grow over time. Net2 plus can also be mixed with Net2 nano and Net2 classic control units on a site for the most effective solution for each situation.

Adam Stroud, Sales and Marketing Director at Paxton Access, says: “The Net2 plus control unit has on-board TCP/IP meaning that it just pops straight onto the network. Not only is this very convenient for installation but it also removes the need for an expensive TCP/IP to RS485 adapter. I believe that Net2 plus will appeal to the growing number of installation companies familiar with TCP/IP networking.”