Arteco team up with Wanco

St. Louis, MO (April 1, 2009) - Arteco, an industry leader in the field of Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) products for the security industry, and Wanco, the leader in portable video surveillance, have partnered to provide the first Portable Intelligent Video Solution through an exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement.

Wanco Inc. began offering its portable surveillance product security arena in 2006. The solution allows security personnel to view and control cameras from a self-sustained remote location using a personal computer and an Internet connection. Versatile pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and an integrated digital video recorder make site monitoring easy. Users can control the cameras, access live and recorded video, and configure the equipment remotely or via the integrated control center. Up to four cameras can be mounted atop an electrically hoisted mast, which extends to 26 feet in height. Additional components can be added to the mast, including thermal cameras, radar units, motion sensors, lights and audible alarms. The systems use hybrid engine technology and an industrial cellular modem to remain self-sustained for up to 30 days.

Wanco now includes an OEM version of ARTECO-LOGIC, the software that powers all ARTECO-IVS products. Using embedded video analytics within the portable surveillance units dramatically reduces false alarms caused by wind and other environmental factors. The software allows customers to quickly add detection zones to areas of interest and receive real-time alert notifications when perimeters are breached.

“Wanco Security is the premiere solution in the rapidly expanding portable surveillance market,” said Steve Birkmeier, Vice President of Operations for Arteco, “Adding the real-time event detection and industry-best false alarm reduction capabilities of Arteco Intelligent Video makes this product head and shoulders above the competition.”

Extremely portable and rapidly deployable, Wanco Security is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. With Wanco Security, users can monitor areas that are prime targets for theft and vandalism. Security personnel can survey crowds at conventions, sporting events and other public gatherings. Border patrols can employ Wanco Security in areas that are remote or otherwise difficult to monitor.

Wanco will be featuring live demonstrations of their Portable Intelligent Video Solution with onboard Arteco analytics at ISC WEST April 1st -3rd at booth 39016. Arteco will also be showing live demonstration of the product from across the tradeshow floor at booth 7135.