Arteco introduces new vehicle surveillance solution

St. Louis, MO (April 1, 2009) - Arteco, the industry leader in the field of server-based intelligent Video Solution (IVS) products for the security industry, has announced the release of Arteco-Vehicle, video surveillance for moving vehicles.

The new addition to the Arteco-IVS suite of video analytics products is specially designed for transportation security. With a mobile broadband internet connection to the main control unit, Arteco-Vehicle allows audio as well as viewing of live and recorded video feeds. The system also has a GPS module that uses mapping software to allow users to track multiple vehicles equipped Arteco-Vehicle in real-time.

Through a hidden, yet easy-to-reach button, the driver sends out the signal of a dangerous situation. When the button is pressed the system connects and creates a “Security Event” in the Intelligent Video software. The organization’s central security location receives the live video pop-up on their Arteco-Logic software, automatically drawing the attention of the operator. The operator then watches and listens to the live video and takes the appropriate countermeasure. Users also have the option to communicate to the driver through two-way communication. After the appropriate countermeasure is taken, security can release the live video from their screen and standby for the next incident. The main security operator also has the ability to initiate the streaming live video from the control center without alerting the driver that the vehicle is being observed.

Arteco-Vehicle is available through certified Arteco dealers and is currently being sold to municipal transportation authorities, taxi-cab companies and police departments throughout the United States and Europe.

Arteco will be giving live demos of ARTECO-VEHICLE during ISC WEST April 1st-3rd in Las Vegas at booth 7135. One ARTECO-VEHICLE will be demonstrated from a vehicle in St. Louis and one will be demonstrated from a backpack as an Arteco representative walks around Sands Expo Center sending live images back to the booth from an eye-level mounted camera.