Arteco announces new initiative

St. Louis, MO (April 1, 2009) - Arteco, the industry leader in the field of sever-based Intelligent Video Solution (IVS) products for the security industry, has announced the launch of their new global marketing campaign.

Arteco Vision Systems (U.S.), Arteco IVS (Italy), Arteco ME (Middle East), and Arteco Motion Technology are the four companies that make up the Arteco global family who develop, produce and sell the Arteco IVS throughout the world. With the exception of language, the product features, benefits and value all remain the same on an international scale.

In addition to their combined development and production efforts, the separate companies positioned under the umbrella of the Arteco Global Family have now unified their marketing efforts to create a new world wide marketing approach. The Arteco global family has united the unique assets and creativity of each company to transform their separate existing images into one integrated global branding campaign. A new logo design and up-to date universal marketing materials have aided in the development of the global cohesiveness of the brand. The once separate websites of Arteco Vision Systems (U.S.) and Arteco IVS (Italy) have been re-designed to mirror one another and unify the two locations.

In addition to tangible branding efforts, the sales and marketing tasks forces have become interrelated. Management has also been consolidated with key positions in Europe and the United States sharing roles in the Global initiative. Arteco will have the CEO and other key team members from its headquarters in Italy on hand at ISC West to help announce the new strategy.

“The ARTECO-IVS is sold throughout the world, although the languages my change, the product benefits and attributes remain the same. Our new global marketing strategy is based on leveraging our product experience throughout the world and centralizing our sales effort into one cohesive concept which is emphasized in our new branding.” Said Giorgio Bucci, President of ARTECO US.

In the world of ever-changing security needs, The Arteco Family stands-out as a leader in intelligent video with a solid focus on innovation, industrial experience and financial reliability. The new global branding campaign will serve to further enhance the cohesiveness of the tactical global sales force that strives to provide high quality security solutions for those around the world.