Alarm Lock introduces new Trilogy Networx wireless lock solution

Alarm Lock’s standalone access locks save you money without compromising security and are unmatched in performance to other products on the market. In keeping up with the demands of our changing world and meeting the needs of its customers, Alarm Lock has recently added Trilogy Networx (DL6100 and PDL6100) wireless networking locks to its comprehensive line of door technologies. These advanced locks lower your installation costs while providing complete security solutions. They communicate wirelessly over any size network eliminating door-to-door operations and expensive wire runs. Users are programmed from the convenience of a non-dedicated PC using Alarm Lock’s DL-WINDOWS software.

DL6100 and PIN/prox version PDL6100 communicate over your existing network using our Gateway module (1 Gateway controls up to 63 locks, 32 Gateways per account manages up to 2,000 locks). Data is sent via Ethernet or 802.11B/G. Each system features emergency global lockdown/unlock which can be deployed in seconds from the Networx PC or any Networx lock. Gateways’ wireless coverage performance equals or surpasses that of 802.11, with each one spanning up to 900 feet of clear field range or 50,000 square feet of indoor coverage.

Both DL6100 and PDL6100 are Grade 1 BHMA Certified and supports up to 5,000 users and 35,000 event audit trail. Trilogy Networx locks install in about an hour, use 4 C-Cell batteries and provide over 5 years of battery life. For existing Trilogy installations, original standalone and new Trilogy Networx locks can seamlessly share one common database hosted on Alarm Lock’s FREE DL-WINDOWS software. For more information on our new Trilogy Networx locks, visit us at or contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 252-5625.