Numerex creates M2M Developer Exchange

ATLANTA, April 1, 2009 – Numerex, a leading single-source provider of secure wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, announces the launch of its new M2M Developer Exchange to foster better ongoing information exchange among the M2M development community. The Exchange includes Numerex Developer Forums where M2M market participants can get quick answers to technical problems and gain industry insight on a variety of topics.

The Numerex Foundation Application Software Technology or Numerex FAST already offers M2M developers a versatile platform where new applications can be quickly designed, built up and deployed while existing applications can be supported with hosting and custom device interface. Numerex FAST is a critical component of Numerex DNA, Numerex’s range of M2M products and solutions, which includes enabling services to facilitate the entire M2M experience.

“Behind an effective M2M deployment, there is a core engine comprised of a device, network and application,” said Stratton Nicolaides, CEO of Numerex. “Bundled Numerex DNA offerings combine these components into an efficient end-to-end solution that helps early-stage developers bring wireless M2M projects to life and to market quickly, simply and securely. The Numerex M2M Developer Exchange aims at providing the M2M development community with an avenue to understand and fully exploit the Numerex DNA potential, and beyond, to encourage M2M creativity in general.”

The Numerex M2M Development Exchange also chimes perfectly with other enabling tools already available to the Numerex customers such as the access portals for flexible mobile account management and the online technical web support site, where customers can easily download the latest hardware spec sheets and product catalogs, and submit tech support tickets for online assistance. The Exchange is integral to Numerex’s simplification and enablement strategy, i.e., ensuring that throughout the M2M value chain the Numerex customers, from distributors to VAR’s and OEM’s, receive the attention and information needed to rapidly deploy and easily manage compelling and cost-effective solutions.

Developers are encouraged to visit the Numerex Developer Exchange at and the Numerex Developer Forums at For more information on Numerex DNA, please visit