AS&E launches Gemini parcel inspection system

LAS VEGAS, NV, ISC West – April 1, 2009 – American Science and Engineering, a leading worldwide supplier of innovative X-ray detection solutions, announced today the introduction of two new Gemini Parcel Inspection Systems: Gemini 7555 and Gemini 100100. These systems along with the Gemini 6040 provide customers with a selection of systems to inspect everything from mail, baggage and break-bulk cargo within mailrooms, lobbies, checkpoints, airports, high threat facilities and other security-sensitive areas. A Gemini multi-technology system will be demonstrated at ISC West 2009 in Las Vegas, April 1-3 2009 in AS&E’s Booth #38026.

Gemini continues to be the first and only conventional parcel inspection system to combine multiple technologies —AS&E’s proprietary Z Backscatter X-ray technology and dual-energy transmission — allowing operators to obtain the most information about the contents of a parcel. Operators simultaneously view two images, a Z Backscatter image and a dual-energy image, dramatically increasing the likelihood of finding hidden illegal materials. Gemini’s unique capability to detect both metallic and non-metallic threats — even in cluttered environments — makes it an invaluable inspection tool for security officials.
“With the introduction of additional Gemini systems, we are broadening our offering of the only proven multi-technology X-ray solution for screening parcels,” said Anthony Fabiano, AS&E’s President and CEO. “We believe that Gemini’s combination of Z Backscatter and dual-energy transmission provides the most attractive value proposition for parcel inspection available today.”

About Gemini: Unique Multi-technology Parcel Inspection Systems
Gemini is the lowest cost multi-technology parcel inspection system on the market and the only system to combine AS&E’s patented Z Backscatter technology and dual-energy transmission. AS&E’s patented Z Backscatter technology provides enhanced detection of organic materials such as explosives (including sheet and liquid explosives), drugs, and plastic weapons which are easily missed by transmission-only systems in cluttered parcels. Z Backscatter’s photo-like images are easy to interpret, thereby speeding analysis time, potentially decreasing bags flagged for secondary screening, and reducing operator fatigue. Dual-energy transmission provides outstanding image quality, and enables the quick detection of a wide variety of threats such as guns, knives, and wires for IEDs. In addition, dual-energy offers organic and metallic discrimination. Together, Gemini’s two technologies provide the most information available about the contents of a parcel.

Gemini is now available in the following tunnel sizes to meet your security requirements:
• Gemini 6040: With a tunnel size of 25.0" x 17.3" (64 cm x 44 cm), this system is ideal for screening mail and other small parcels for checkpoint, mailroom, and lobby applications.

• Gemini 7555: With a tunnel size of 30.7" x 22.8" (78 cm x 58 cm), this system is ideal for screening large packages for checkpoint, mailroom, and lobby applications.

• Gemini 100100: With a tunnel size of 41.3" x 40.3" (105.0 cm x 102.5 cm), this system is ideal for larger parcels and break-bulk cargo for customs, mailroom, and aviation applications.