Identica releases new HVPR reader

ISC WEST – LAS VEGAS – April 1, 2009 – Identica Holdings Corporation, the premier provider of end-to-end Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition (HVPR) next-generation biometric security solutions, announcesd the release of its VP-II X scannerreader. The VP-II X is Identica’s next-generation HVPR network appliance that, in a single platform, provides unprecedented biometric performance and usability for security access control, workforce time & attendance and credential verification applications. An expansion into the time & attendance market with the release of its new VP-II X vascular hand reader. In market worth $X billion, this new product is deployable in all settings regardless of weather, conditions or operational environments.

“There are a number of biometricdisparate solutions that attempt to in the market to multiple applications within an organizationthat solve either time & attendance or access control, but the result is that they compromise functionality in all applications. The VP-II X is the first true crossover biometric solutionsolution that provides the high accuracy, usability, suitability for harsh environment deployments and user privacy required for organizations to deploy one biometric platform in seamless solutions enterprise widesolves both of these traditionally time-intensive issues with one easily integrated product,” said Terry Wheeler, president of Identica Holdings Corporation. “The VP-II X has been designed with a new digital near-infrared scanner, raising the standard further for biometric performance, all in a network appliance device that introduces unmatched application integrationOver the past year, Identica has grown from a company that focused solely on access control to one of the market leaders in providing a number of cutting-edge biometric solutions. Our expansion into the time & attendance market is another step in our companies continued growth.”

The VP-II X has a number of improvements and added features, including:
• Integrated TCP/IP communication and management of HVPR scanners with and/or without network server
• Added memory for time & attendance functions, including: storage of schedules, punch history, missed punches; internal memory can also be used to store 50,000 vascular templates, as well as 500,000 logs
• The scanner has an improved digital infrared technology providing higher resolution images, increasing accuracy and usability
• A smaller footprint and a larger vascular sample area, resulting in increased accuracy and more flexible hand placement to the scanner
• A 2.8” LCD color screen that allows for custom applications including credential verification and customizable look and feel
• Support for placement of both left-hand/right-hand to a single credential or pin

Like its predecessor, the VP-II X uses patented recognition algorithms to capture and encrypt individuals’ unique vascular patterns on the back of the human hand. The individual presents either a smart card, proximity card or enters a PIN, which stores an encrypted template of the user’s unique vascular pattern either on the smart card or the TCP/IP network. The user then presents his or her hand to the scanner and the live vascular pattern is matched to the stored template, identifying the individual in 0.1 seconds, undeniably verifying their identity.