VPI launches new software suite for emergency communications

Camarillo, Calif. – April 1, 2009 – VPI, a world leader in the development of innovative, integrated interactions recording and workforce optimization (WFO) solutions for public safety emergency service providers, government agencies, security companies, first responders, and many other organizations worldwide, today announced the launch of VPI EMPOWER 911. The new product suite leverages ground-breaking desktop screen and data analytics technology that equips public safety organizations with powerful tools to drive improvements in efficiency and accuracy across multiple dimensions of emergency communications. To register to attend the new product announcement Webinar on Tuesday, April 14th at 1:00 PM EDT, visit www.VPI-corp.com/NextGen.

Comprised of a powerful set of modular tools designed to empower public safety organizations to improve the speed of response, quality of service, and the ease of assembly and delivery of incident evidence, VPI EMPOWER 911 marks a radical departure from the conventional solutions currently deployed in communications centers. Built upon the foundation of VPI’s long-established, proven technologies, the suite provides customers with a wide variety of advanced capabilities including instant recall, incident recreation, secure end-to-end and AES file encryption, centralized archiving and storage, automated call taker quality assessment and targeted eCoaching and messaging.

The new VPI EMPOWER 911 suite enables objective assessment of call taker and dispatcher performance and the effectiveness of working processes. The solution is invaluable for helping public safety and security organizations create more focused training programs and attract and retain high quality personnel. “In the past, public safety organizations have recorded primarily for compliance, risk management and evidentiary purposes,” said Dick Bucci, senior consultant with The PELORUS Group. “But in recent years we have seen these organizations place increased emphasis upon improving the quality of their mission-critical voice and data interactions. The VPI EMPOWER 911 suite can be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively to automatically assess a vast number of interactions and quickly identify the critically important ones that should be listened to, evaluated and coached on.”

With VPI EMPOWER 911, public safety agencies of all sizes can now benefit from the same features and capabilities enjoyed by largest public and private organizations. Unlike many other vendor offerings, VPI solutions are never subject to “feature stripping” and even the smallest organizations can benefit from the same advanced capabilities used by Washington DC Unified Communications Center, City of Detroit Police Department, California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and City of Phoenix Fire Department.

VPI EMPOWER 911 is a modular suite of tightly integrated solutions comprised of:

• VPI CAPTURE PRO Multimedia Recording and Incident Recreation – Robust, resilient and configurable for any degree of redundancy, VPI CAPTURE PRO ensures high-volume recording of mission-critical telephone, radio, and console screen communications. A single system securely records 100 percent of IP and TDM call and radio communications, across any number of locations and any combination of traditional or trunked radio and circuit-switched or VoIP telephone systems. A unique VPI Fact FinderTM module enables organizations to automatically tag call recordings with valuable CAD events and data, including incident number and type, extracted directly from call taker console screens. The system then automatically assembles related interactions to help quickly recreate entire incidents.

• VPI QUALITY Quality Assurance – VPI QUALITY automates the process of selecting an objective sampling of call, radio and screen recordings for evaluation, based on user-defined schedules and rules. When enhanced by the new VPI Fact Finder, which automatically categorizes all recordings based on incident types, organizations are able to effectively evaluate their most important calls and entire incidents. The automated quality system offers a variety of flexible, fully customizable evaluation forms and powerful reports to measure ongoing improvements in quality and performance.

• VPI COACHING eLearning and Messaging – This highly effective electronic supplement to traditional training is tightly integrated with VPI’s quality assessment and recording systems. VPI COACHING selects personalized training content for each user, closely matched to his or her individual needs and skill gaps. In addition to allowing the adoption of any standards-based content, the solution offers the convenience of just-in-time centralized messaging.

“During these demanding economic times, public safety organizations are expected to do more with less and are therefore investing in affordable, proven technologies that can help them improve the efficiency and quality of their communications centers,” said Chris Morrissey, VPI’s vice president of sales and marketing. “As a wholly US owned company with 100 percent US-based R&D, production, services and support, VPI has earned the trust and confidence of its customers to do just that,” explained Morrissey.

VPI boasts over 15 years of experience and a solid reputation for developing an extremely reliable, stable software-based platform leveraging fully open standards hardware that helps with interoperability and gives customers the option of smooth incremental upgrades as technology evolves. The company prides itself on providing an extremely fast and efficient implementation.

“Unlike many other vendors, VPI does not hide professional services costs. What’s more, our customers will benefit from a very low cost of ownership over five years – our standard warranty includes five-year Priority Replacement of all servers.”

Contact VPI at 1-800-200-5430 or visit http://www.VPI-corp.com to receive a customized price quote and sign up to view a live new product demonstration.