Premier Electronics debuts new thermal and day/night camera

The new Galil is a powerful around the clock, day and night multi sensor observation head, especially developed for security applications. It allows medium range observation and detection using state of the art thermal imaging and CCD technology.

GALIL features the 1/4” Sony FCB-1000 36x zoom CCD camera for daytime operation, and an uncooled dual field of view thermal imaging camera for day and night operations. The utilization of a zoom CCD camera and dual FOV (45/135mm), auto-focus thermal imager makes it ideal for wide field-of-view situational awareness and detection. This system also provides a narrow field-of-view medium-range target recognition. The thermal imager can be supplied with either 384x288 or 640x480 pixels, which offer, target detection(1.5x0.5) up to 2,500 meters and NATO targets (2.3x2.3meters) at 6,200 meters. The system works in the 8 -12µ wave length range, ideally suited for vision through rain, snow, and sand, etc. situations in which standard cameras cannot produce good images. The addition of Enhanced Mode image processing greatly improves detection rate of possible problems. GALIL is ruggedized to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity and dust. Communications are via RS232, RS422 and Pelco D. Video output is CCIR or RS-170 from the thermal imager and NTSC or PAL from the camera. The unit works in temperatures from –32 to 50C and can be powered from 9V to 28V. The camera can be fixed, mounted or integrated into a pan and tilt device.

This imager provides the user with the latest in security control under difficult viewing conditions and will greatly facilitate in assessing critical situations where good information is essential to making the correct decision.