JETprotect Corporation releases Virtual Fence Radar

Solar Farms are vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Most Solar Farm Projects are located in remote areas, where land is affordable and sparse population provides easier acceptance, permitting and operation. Unfortunately, these remote locations are more susceptible to attacks of vandalism and terrorism.

"To date, the art of protecting solar farms located in remote locations has been via the installation of perimeter fencing, multiple cameras, and security personnel watching monitors or walking the perimeter fencing," said Gregory Johnston, CTO of JETprotect. "Relying on human beings and visible weather conditions are not sufficient solutions to fully protect solar farm projects from vandalism, theft or terrorism in today’s environment."

JETprotect Corporation has developed a novel detection system that provides an 'umbrella' of protection encompassing up to 9 square miles with its VFR radar. This unique system replaces the need for multiple perimeter cameras and guard patrols. Solar protection is dramatically improved by all weather intruder detection, instant video alerts sent to security responders and operational costs decrease making profits increase.

Chuck Scifers, Director of Business Development said that, "the VFR Virtual Fence Radar system will keep constant surveillance – automatically – day and night, in rain, snow or fog and will detect, geo-locate, track and alert of possible threats to the solar farm, with the most reliable, cost –effective sensory awareness protection available today."

"In addition, the importance of situational awareness and threat alerts is magnified when these projects are financed through mechanisms that require performance based payback to their investors. Damage done or theft of collectors impacts the performance and therefore the payback," added Scifers.

"Lastly, since the VFR Virtual Fence Radar detector system is an integral part on the Solar Farm Project, it enjoys the same financial incentives and credits of the entire solar project," said Scifers