AS&E receives first order for its Z Gantry system

BILLERICA, Mass. – April 6, 2009 – American Science and Engineering, a leading worldwide supplier of innovative X-ray detection solutions, announced today the first order for its new Z Gantry multi-view Z Backscatter cargo and vehicle screening system. The Z Gantry’s bi-directional scanning platform operates in a gantry configuration by moving on rails past stationary vehicles and cargo to produce Z Backscatter images from three sides — for left, right, and top-down screening. The system is ideal to inspect cargo and vehicles for stowaways, explosives, and other contraband.

“We are pleased to provide the DoD with the first Z Gantry screening system for base security,” said Anthony Fabiano, President and CEO. “With the introduction of the Z Gantry, we are expanding our cargo offerings with a new Z Backscatter product in a specialized configuration to offer comprehensive threat detection. The system’s proprietary Z Backscatter technology produces photo-like images from three sides of the cargo to provide the DoD with maximum inspection capability to secure their vital checkpoint. With broad applications for military facility and force protection, the Z Gantry can safely scan vehicles and cargo in real-time, resulting in rapid screening and threat analysis.”

Z Gantry: Multi-View Inspection in a Gantry Configuration

Z Gantry is a bi-directional, multi-view, Z Backscatter gantry system for screening cargo and vehicles. The system is designed to generate multiple clear, photo-like, images for superior detection capability. The Z Backscatter imaging modules offer comprehensive views of three sides of the object under inspection allowing for detection of suspicious items, security threats, illegal contraband, and stowaways. With its compact safety zone and profile, the Z Gantry is ideal for high-traffic locations with space constraints. The Z Gantry is extremely safe for operators, cargo, and the environment.

AS&E’s Patented Technology: Z Backscatter X-Rays

The Z Gantry employs AS&E’s patented Z Backscatter technology, which produces photo-like images of the contents of a container or vehicle, highlighting organic materials. Z Backscatter technology based on the X-ray Compton Scattering effect, works by detecting and highlighting “low Z” materials (items that contain low atomic number elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen). AS&E creates Z Backscatter images showing organic materials by directing a sweeping beam of X-rays at the object under examination, and then measuring and plotting the intensity of scattered X-rays as a function of the beam position. Proprietary Z Backscatter technology is ideal for organic material discrimination allowing inspection officials the ability to quickly and easily locate items such as drugs, explosives, cigarettes, alcohol and humans.