Speco's 'T' Series DVRs compatible with Brivo software

Amityville, NY - March 30, 2009

Speco Technologies "T" Series DVRs are now compatible with Brivo Access Control Software creating an integrated on-line access control/security solution for Central Station monitoring.

The Brivo Online Access Control System (ACS) enables businesses to control physical access to offices, warehouses, remote/ unmanned buildings, or sensitive areas such as computer rooms, where real-time control and accountability of entry are important. This technology is mostly used by Central Stations

Speco Technologies "T" series DVRs work with Brivo ACS to retrieve time stamped video clips of people using their access cards for building entry. This is how it works:

A camera looking at the access door is connected locally to a "T" series DVR (TL, TN, TH, TT OR TS) which is networked to the Internet. When someone swipes their access card, a video clip is recorded to the DVR and a date & time stamp from the card is sent to the Brivo server. The Central Station can look at the event dates on-line and access the video clip remotely from the DVR by clicking on the camera icon next to the date.

Knowledgeable customer support people are in place to help the customers who purchase Speco Technologies’ products and a technical support group is available to assist with designing a system, installations and other professional advice. The future in CCTV is now.